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Compliance Solutions

Labor Compliance Monitoring

From mobilization to completion, we monitor apprenticeship, proper workforce classifications, payment of prevailing wages, certified payroll reporting, apprentice ratio utilization, wages & hours, on-site labor interviews, proof of payments: workers, trust funds, training funds, approved fringe plans and we handle under payment of wage investigations that lead to payroll restitution recovery due, based on prevailing wage law.

Wages & Hours / Apprenticeship Auditing

Our audit team inspects the accuracy of all subcontractor submissions prior to turning over to the project’s Awarding Body. We review and audit project time sheets, project wage determinations, work classifications used, scopes of work, apprenticeship utilization all in an effort to meet compliance with CA Prevailing Wage Law & the DAVIS-BACON ACT.​

Apprenticeship Compliance

We seek proof of current enrollment in approved JAC’s, seeking certification proof. Contract Award Info, Employment of Apprentices on Public Works and monthly payment of training funds all of which are required and monitored per CA Labor Codes & Regulations. Furthermore, our team tracks percentage of utilization compliance and also provides bi-weekly feedback to the subcontractor base.​

Prime Contractor’s Limited Safe Harbor Solutions

If specific labor code conditions are met, a Prime Contractor’s exposure to subcontractor noncompliance to prevailing wage labor law may be avoided. Our comprehensive compliance solutions address the conditions established in Labor Code § 1775(b).

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